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Actual NASA Research Source Material
NASA and Russian Based Research Info
Many Powerful Youth Restoring Results
Athletic Legal Results Better Than Steroids
Exceptional Equine Performance Enhancement
Exceptional Protection Against EMF Cell Damage
Doubles Size and Weight of Beans Sprouts
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Exceptional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I have been receiving and reading the top sources of anti-aging research and breakthrough discoveries for decades. Nothing excites me more than what I have just come across while doing research on preparing a book on anti-aging breakthroughs. This is because it is by far the most powerful and affordable of the many anti-aging breakthroughs that I know of in my years of research and also has the added benefit of being able to do away with the large cost of so many expensive supplements for the same results. It addresses the very root of aging at the cellular level that powerfully pushes back almost all areas, if not all, areas of degeneration and disease as well as towards a far younger you. Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Machines have been developing for the last 50 years but are just now coming into the maturity of discovering what they can do and of becoming affordable for the average person. Watch the video on this post by a highly qualified Md on these PEMF machines

They are highly developed in places like Germany and Sweden with almost all wellness centers using them. If you type into Google search PEMF it will bring up over 3000 studies that have been done on these machines first used in outer space to protect astronauts. In my research I have come across what is probably the most affordable and effective of PEMF machines. Go to the following links below to learn more and to purchase the EarthPulse machine:

The list below is only some of the things these machines have done including the EarthPulse sleep machine. 

  • gives legal near steroid results for athletes

  • causes and improves deep sleep

  • brings significant overall biological age reversal

  • significantly decreases pain

  • increases circulation

  • gives far greater energy to cells

  • heals all types of injuries more effectively and rapidly

  • effectively and rapidly repairs joint damage and bones with greater density

  • increases flexibility and range of motion

  • increases endurance

  • effectively detoxifies the body with the right products

  • gets rid of fluid retention

  • significantly reduces inflammation

  • is powerful against depression

  • significantly reduces trembling in Parkinsons

  • shown effective against many diseases including cancer

This machine is designed to work under your pillow, mattress or underneath your bed while you are sleeping and puts you into a very deep sleep that further increases the regeneration of your body. Masterfully designed pulsed magnetic therapy systems, such as the EarthPulse sleep machine, do not treat individual medical conditions. Rather, they help to further develop the body’s ability to generate cellular energy (ATP), resulting in improved oxygenation, reduced inflammation, lower oxidative stress, and overall repair.There seems to be nothing that these machines do not dramatically turn around as indicated by over 2000 biological PEMF studies to date and over 3000 of them found on the internet.

The EarthPulse has a 90 day money back guarantee in which this US manufacturer based in India states, “If our technology and methods fail to satisfactorily enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, please return it for refund of purchase price.” They also show you how to take on your own a special simple measuring test that indicates if this is indeed happening which you start just before getting your machine and can regularly record. They stated on the feedback section of their site that in 2002 they started getting a 15% return of their machines on their money back guarantee for 90 days and state that now it is only 3.2%. This is because they discovered why some of the people could not sleep. It was because people had been taking thyroid medications and the EarthPulse sleep machine seems to have regenerated their thyroid cells so that they did not need the same high-dose thyroid medication and in many cases any dose at all. Thus, because they were still taking the thyroid medication when their body did not need they could not sleep. After this discovery the return rate went down to 3.2% and this was mainly from people that did not want to phone their technicians for help. Results are better than steroids when there are no bad side effects and such significant gains as revealed on the head office official website which you can check out for yourself.