The Best EMF Protection

If you’ve not heard about earthing or that which is also referred to as grounding you are devoid of a very major step to drastically enhancing your well being. The main reason for this is because we no longer sleep in immediate bodily direct contact with the ground due to barriers associated with modern day architectural structures. We also are exposed to high oscillation wireless waves  which is another reason that people tend not to get enough rest and even further increase primary injury to their own cells as well as significantly lower the quality of their blood. It is not so much the pure fresh air and exercise which causes folks to sleep a lot better whilst people go off camping outdoors but instead a person’s near physical connection with magnetic pulses coming from the earth which is called the technique of grounding or earthing. Contact with electromagnetic frequencies from the world for almost everybody is undoubtedly impractical to get enough of, however, there is a solution with far more powerful magnetic frequencies which can be acquired through bio-magnetic supplementation.

It’s from the average of roughly one hundred lightning strikes each second that hit planet earth that there reechoes across the atmosphere originating from within the crust of the planet Schumann resonances with a prevalent frequency of 7.83 Hz. There are also oscillations that are emanating straight upwards out of the central core of the planet at a pulse oscillation of about nine point six Hz as reported by a handful of scientific tests. Scientist and Medical doctor Bob Beck, father of biomagnetic medicine and innovator of the EarthPulse sleep unit, mentioned a scientific experiment he accomplished around the early 60’s right after starting to become enthusiastic about Schumann waves. In the experiment doctor Beck forced two metal posts at a particular length apart from one another twenty feet directly into the solid ground. To these doctor Beck attached an amplifier which then went all the way through into an electronic wave display instrument to display the wave length frequencies. Clearly there was a reading of approximately 9.6 Hertz using the oscillograph which meant the earth by itself possessed a very specific pulsed frequency that happens to be the exact pulsation which entrains the brain straight into heavy sleep at night.

Not only have we lost the benefits of these waves from the atmosphere and from the earth but additionally we are enveloped by propagating electromagnetic pollution which are electro-magnetic pulses particularly in the radio frequency range. Thus the natural beat frequency of the earth at 9.6 Hz and the Schumann waves that envelope it are drowned out with the result of suffering the loss of their essential biological, neurological and psychological tuning effects. A person can protect themself from EMF pollution and reverse detrimental EMF effects with the EarthPulse. There is antidotal evidence supporting the beneficial effects of the EarthPulse device and and thus have the solutions for utilizing pulsed electromagnetic fields during sleep to protect against and reverse the detrimental effects of cell phone microwaves, radio and power frequency EMF. The electro-magnetic pulse settings in the EarthPulse also include the ability to balance energy fields in the body where central nervous system imbalances have resulted in sleep disturbance, migraine headaches, depression, disorientation, muscle-twitch or full blown motor and cognitive dysfunction. The electro-magnetic EarthPulse field with a frequency no higher than 14.1 Hz acts particularly well as a disruptive field to help mitigate the negative effect of both power and radio frequency magnetic fields. This is particularly the case with the EarthPulse stepping up and down alert-mode that keeps ones brain so that it is entrained into a low-beta rhythm for deep sleep.